SCHMINKEN KURS. Ann-Kathrin and I went to a Make-up course in Jülich. Two and a half hours. The ladies said I looked beautiful with the powder/cream foundation, shimmering eye shadow, and liquid eyeliner. I looked at myself and didn’t feel prettier. But Ann-Kathrin loved it! She loves putting on makeup. I loved putting on make up at 14 too. It was fun going out of the house with her.

SCHOOL AND FUN TICKET. I got one. Now, I can take the bus and train all around my region for free. The program pays for it.

TODAY. I told the family about toilet papering. Josa was horrified.

DURING DINNER. Josa, Sophie, and I smeared avocado on our faces. I stuck the peel under my nose to make a moustache. Herbert laughed at us and took pictures.

MY NEW FAV. Making fun of Josa. I got her to punch me in the arm yesterday. Hilarious.

MY OTHER FAV. Josa making fun of me. But that’s not new. Josa’s been making fun of me since the first day I got here.

MICKY. Talked to him through video chat today. Lots of energy and laughing.

TOMORROW. No school. Parent teacher conference.

LARA. Friend from school. The only girl who doesn’t brag to me about having sex, say “Awwwww Anne, du bist so suß,” every time I speak, or try to impress me with her English by saying “Fuck you, bitch.” No. Lara is wonderful. I wanted to be her friend right when I met her. Lara wants to be a journalist for the magazine “Geo” when she’s older. She wants to travel. She smiles. She has a shy and loud side. She has horses. Tomorrow, we will go riding.

THANKSGIVING. On November 28th, a bunch of the West side CBYX students and me are going to Natalie’s house for a Thanksgiving feast and sleepover. Yuss.

I’m happy.


  1. I love that you are having such a good time.

    You have to admit that toilet papering is a strange thing that even people out here have never heard of.

    Have I told you that you are one of my favorite teenagers? (And I’m around a LOT of teenagers).

  2. Ann, I’m so GLAD you have wheels, so to speak. You need to be able to get out of the house! Max and Mira looked spectacular for Halloween as did your mother. We sat in the living room while Erica passed out candy, not wanting to do the Halloween thing at our house. Your Thanksgiving plans sound fun. I think ours will be smaller this year with Sam and Sarah. I think your family is headed for Provo.

    Love hearing about you and reading about you and seeing your pictures on Facebook.

  3. Dear Ann, I am so happy that you are happy. We have family event’s on the Lindsay side this weekend and I will miss seeing you.

  4. I think that’s awesome that you are so close to Josa. That’s great that you have someone to tease. I wouldn’t be able to survive without someone to smack around. I’m happy for you. 😉

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