I need a positive post before I stop blogging for the next week or so. Today was so much better.

1. Herbert drove me to the last hour of church. Sacrament meeting. Yippi, happy day. I came in late and took a seat next to Chris, one of the guys my age. He made fun of me that I was late, that I missed the first part of sacrament, and only took the water. I gave him a serious face and said, “I’m already half righteous. Remember, I come from Utah. Therefore, I must only take half of the sacrament.” Chris burst out laughing. “Du bist unmöglich.” We sat there and made funny comments the rest of the time. It’s embarrassing to burst out in laughter in Sacrament Meeting when there are only about fifty people sitting on a bench. But it felt good to laugh.

2. Herbert picked me up from church. The both of us sang along to “Tainted Love” on the radio. “I listened to this song when I drove on my motorcycle. Old song.” I like the picture of Herbert on his motorcycle. “Tainted love, oh oh oh, tainted love.”

3. We went to a village Christmas Party in a big tent. St. Nikolaus came. I asked St. Nikolaus if I could get a picture with him and the others. For some reason, everyone found this really funny. I still don’t understand why. Maybe it’s cause they were all drinking too much Glühwein. I still have the smell of Glühwein stuck in my nose. Sniff. Anyway, the village Christmas Party was fun. Everyone knows everybody. That’s what I love about small places.

4. One of Ann-Kathrin’s schoolmates came over. Fabio. He’s older then Ann-Kathrin. Actually, he’s older than me. Seventeen. He, Ann-Kathrin, Lisa (family friend) and I sat and talked for a good two hours or so. Fabio is fun to argue with. We never raised our voices when arguing, but kept monotone and straight faces. Ann-Kathrin and Lisa thought it was hilarious.
“Anne likes you,” Ann-Kathrin said to Fabio. (Friend way. Not “crush” way.), “She doesn’t like that many boys here. Maybe it’s cause you’re Italian.”
If we still do the American date, I’ll probably ask Fabio to go with me. We’d have fun.

5. Ann-Kathrin and I walked Fabio to the flower store, where he’d be picked up. Afterwards, we walked home in the darkness. We talked. It feels like a long time since I’ve talked with Ann-Kathrin alone. I don’t think she realizes how much I adore her.

Ten minutes until my internet goes out. Have a wonderful week.


  1. Um. Did you get Josa her flowers at the flower shop? Great post. Glad you had a good day. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Oh Anne, I love the picture with you and Sinter Klaas (his Dutch name) and I’m so sorry you couldn’t go to Valkenburg. It looks so picturesque.

    We are having a Christmas dinner next Friday night before we go off to NY. You will be missed.

    Harrison’s friend Kaila or Kayla or whatever, is moving in next door to us (or her father is moving in next door). Changes, changes.

    Your dream was very creepy.

  3. Anne, I love your blog. I love your experiences, I love how well you live life. You’re amazing. Enjoy!
    -Andrea S

  4. Hey Annie wannie! Wow it’s been forever since I have read your blog. I feel so busy lately! I’m glad you’re having a good time. Who is herbert? Fabio is a funny name. Lol. Tasia and I finally hung out the other day. It has been a long time since we’ve done anything. She has kind of moved on. She has her friends and I have mine. She’s still one of my greatest friends tho. Anyway, we were talking about you and all the fun times we have had together. The duck cloverfield incident was brought up and we were bustin up. Good times 😉 I’m glad you have been going to church a little bit. My ward sucks. Haha.
    What classes are you taking this year? Is school there a lot harder than in Utah? I bet this germany thing is going to really help you get into college. I have to take the act in February! Ah! We are getting so close to graduating!
    Well, just wanted to check up on ya. I miss ya and love ya, Anne!

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