Pale face. Rosy cheeks. Hot and throbbing forehead. Aching ears. Runny nose. The most miserable soar throat. Weak bones.

Sick once again.

But I had a wonderful dream to make up for it. Mom and Dad came to visit me. Mom was silly. Every one of her face expressions was big and exciting. It was like those summer days in Hawaii. How she’d skip on the beach, throw her hands in the air and shout “Woooo!” because she was happy to be there. In my dream, she did the same thing. “I’m in Anne’s world!” she shouted. And Dad was there. We talked for a long time in my dream. Just like at home.

Woke up at five in the morning. My window was open and I could hear the roosters. Now I hear other birds chirping. I can’t remember the last time I heard birds chirping.

I’m alone right now, but don’t want to be. I want someone to kiss my throbbing forehead and tell me everything’s okay. I can only be independent Anne for so long. Then a hug or someone to sit with for an hour would be nice.

My physics teacher likes me now. I asked a girl in my class, Karoline, to help me with the physics homework. She showed me the equation and helped me step by step. After fifteen minutes, I had the homework done. In class, the physics teacher asked what the answer for one of the problems was. I shot up my hand. “Zwolf comma sechs fünf.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled. “And how did you get that answer?” I explained it. No German mistakes. Afterwards, she nodded and stopped the class to ask me questions. I was very sweet. I could tell something in her mind had switched about me, and all the sudden she liked me. After class, I gave her the grade sheet. “Definitely an A or B. I’ll fill it out and give it back to you on Friday,” she said. I left the class and couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, I was laughing. Thank you, God. I nearly frolicked to my next class.

Greg, my dear neighbor in Utah, and I write long emails to each other in German. It’s always exciting to get an email from him. It’s funny to read Greg’s writing in German. I read it out loud and can hear his voice, even though it’s in a different language. I’ve missed Greg and Chantel.

There is no end to this grey sky. I think I’ll go downstairs and see if Oma is making hot chocolate. Maybe she’ll tell me stories about the war again. Maybe I’ll speak plattdeutsch with her.

Bis dann.

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  1. Na ja, Anne, es war doch nicht so schlimm mit der Physik Prima. .Ich hoffe, du fühlst dich bald besser. Letzen Abend haben deine Eltern Geschichten gelesen in einer Sammlung von Studenten. Oma und ich waren da. Nachher gingen wir zum Nachtisch und haben sehr viel über dich gesprochen. Greg und Chantel waren auch dabei. Vielleicht konntest du fühlen, dass so viele hier dich lieben.

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