Sara would be coming over at twelve o’clock. At 11:30 a.m., I got in the shower. The shower next to my room isn’t any regular shower. There are no doors, only curtains. One curtain, for the sink area, the other for the shower. These curtains do not close all of the way. That means, if you don’t want anyone in the hallway seeing you, you must stand precisely in the middle of the shower.

So anyway, I was in the shower when I heard a loud voice say, “I’m here!” Sara.
“I’ll be out in a second, I just need to dry off!”
(Drying off is another thing. You obviously can’t step out of the shower naked, because everyone in the hallway can see you. The curtain doesn’t close all the way. You must dry yourself off in the shower, and also put your clothes on in the shower. The towels aren’t big enough to wrap around your body, so you can’t walk out without being dressed.) Sara waited in the hall.

I turned off the water and bent down to grab a towel next to the curtain. For some reason, I put the towel in the corner farthest from me. I’d have to reach my body out of the shower to grab the towel. I held the bottom of the curtain and covered my upper-naked half as I went to grab the towels. But the curtain was too short and wouldn’t go as long as my body needed to grab the towels. I tugged at the curtain, but that did nothing. I held the curtain and grabbed the towel anyway. Right when I had the towel in my hand, the rod and curtain came tumbling down, knocking the shower faucet and turning the water on cold. I don’t know what made me scream; the freezing water running down my back, or sitting butt-naked in the shower with a broken rod and curtain. Sara burst out laughing. I was still freaking out. Josa ran upstairs. “Was ist los!?” she cried. “The curtain is kaputt!” Laugh laugh laugh. “Oh, no problem. Anne you need help?”

“Um, nein! I think I’m okay.”

Josa looked through the first curtain. I had moved the shower curtain and rod over my body.
“Moment, are you naked?”
I looked up at her. “Yes, Josa. I’m naked.”
Roars of laughter.

I stood up still holding the curtain and tried to fix the rod. Josa helped. One side of the curtain-naked Anne, other side-Josa. We finally fixed it, and Josa and Sara went downstairs still giggling. “Only Anne, only Anne.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve had shower problems. The first night I was here, I looked at the size of the towels and realized I couldn’t wrap them around my body. I had to sneak out of the shower and run to my room before anyone saw me. I slipped and ended up crawling. Finally I closed the door behind me and stood up. Phew. Safe in my room. I took a deep breath and dropped the towel onto the ground. But then, I heard laughter from outside. I looked out the window and saw that the neighbors were having an outside dinner party. All of them could see me. I turned off my light and fell to the floor, where I sat for ten minutes with a red face. Yeah, it was a horrifying moment.

I think I’ll shower in the bathroom downstairs.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Welcome to Germany. Grandma can tell the story better, but once when she was sitting in the bathtub in Berlin, the landlord and two workmen came right through the bathroom without knocking.

  3. LOL

  4. You should have told us to send you a very large towel. I don’t think the Germans are into modesty the same way we are. It’s a funny funny scene, you trying to keep “the triangle” covered.

  5. Ok. That’s hilarious! I am laughing hysterically here in the middle of my business management class! I told the kid next to me and now he is bustin up too! Haha!

  6. Grandpa, did you ever go through a “sauna incident” in Germany? A ton of the exchange students are getting invited to saunas and don’t find out until they’re there that everyone is naked. Surprise!

    Grandma, I watched the Proposal last night. Sandra Bullock hides the triangle pretty well until she runs into Ryan Reynolds. Loved watching that movie with you last summer.

    Megan, I’m glad that you’re taking your business management class so seriously. Ha! Miss you and your laugh. Why don’t you blog anymore?

  7. Anne!! This is the first post I have ever read of yours, I am so glad I asked for your blog address. Hahah, just never a dull moment.

  8. Lucas! You even have a blog! This makes me happy. Say hello to your new blog stalker.

  9. Bahaha! Laughed so hard! I finally got a google, so I can comment on your awesome blog. Keep it up. Sooo funny.

  10. I haven’t been blogging because I honestly have nothing to write about. I mean, I could tell you what I had for breakfast or something. Haha. My life is just so boring. Nothing interesting ever happens. Plus, whenever I tell my “funny” stories to people at school no one gets it so they don’t laugh. I will try to blog something for you though! 😉

  11. I don’t know you, but I stumbled across your blog and read this post. It was so funny, I had to read it to about three other people!!
    PS-I am sorry you had to go through that horror and embarrassment.

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