Hello hello. I’ve got about 15 minutes before my internet turns off. So. 1, 2, 3, here I go.

I spent last week in Bavaria, southern Germany. Bavaria is where Germany gets the “Lederhosen and Dirndls” stereotype. And, from what I saw, it’s no stereotype. Everyone is wearing Lederhosen, everyone is wearing Dirndls. It was culture shock all over again. I kept thinking, “Why is everyone dressed that way? Why can’t the just be normal?”

Culture shock is weird. It’s uncomfortable and drives you insane and the whole time you’re thinking, “Why can’t these people just be normal?” But once you have accepted the culture, you have this new way of thinking about things and your definition of “normal” has totally changed. Then you think, “Hey. This isn’t so bad.”

But then something comes around like Bavaria where everyone wears Lederhosen and yodels, and your brain starts hurting all over again.

Besides the culture shock, Bavaria was beautiful. It was lovely to see mountains again. It never came to mind that I would miss mountains when I left Utah. But I dooooo. I miss those Wasatch Mountains. We stayed a giant cabin where other people on other floors were also staying. There was one part where four guys from Frankfurt were staying. Ann-Kathin and I spent a lot of our time hanging out with them. We were also able to spend a couple hours in Munich. Great city! I walked around and thought about Greg the whole time. He was always raving about Munich before I left. It’d be fun to be with him in Bavaria.

We also spent a day in Salzburg, Austria.
Just. Beautiful.

The week trip in Bavaria was beautiful. Thank you, dear host family. And THIS week, I’m off to Hamburg. Northern Germany. Yippidee skip!

Okay, two and a half minutes. I’ll post pictures later.

Good night.


  1. Good night, darling.

  2. I think I want some culture shock. I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced it, beyond the culture shock of BYU… Which I don’t think counts.

  3. The biggest laugh in our marriage came from Tom when he saw me in a dirdnl. I was definitely the wrong body type for that fashion.

    I’m glad you got to Austria and loved it. More to come, lovely one, more to come.

  4. Mikell, I think the culture shock of BYU definitely counts.

    Grandma. Send me pictures.

  5. Anne, Bavaria is almost its own country. And you nailed it. Underneath all of that costuming is a strong German nationalism. I don’t want to harp on this, but Hitler’s support base started in Bavaria, and the Eagle’s Nest, his monstrous villa on top of a mountain, is in Bavaria. I did learn to yodel a duet once with Al, but my voice can’t handle it any more. And yes, you’re absolutely right. There’s a lot of abnormality in the air.

    I wish now that I had a picture of Louise in a Dirndl in a department store in Berlin. Dirndls require a sturdy, almost squat body, and Louise’s 120 pound, tall body in a Dirndl made me hysterical.

    Love you.

  6. Grandpa, Marktschellenburg (where my family and I stayed) was close to the Eagle’s Nest. I saw it on the mountain every day. It’d be really interesting to go up there and see it. I also forgot to mention that we went to Dochau, one of the concentration camps. The fam didn’t want to go, but Josa knew I did, so. We went. It was very interesting and disturbing, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it.

    Also, did you know that the World War II isn’t taught in the German schools (Or at least not in Nordrhein Westfalen) until the tenth grade? I found that interesting, because I was already reading World War II books with my class in the 5th grade. Although in Germany WWII is taught for the whole year. So maybe they learn more about the war in a smaller amount of time. Who knows. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

  7. Anne wir waren nicht in Marktschellenburg sondern in Marktschllenberg :D:D

  8. Anne!!! Say hello to hamburg for me 🙂 such an amazing place i am jealous you get to go! and munich that is where my grandma spent a lot of her childhood that is so exciting 🙂 have a great time i love you

  9. Em, Hamburg was beautiful! I thought a lot of you and Marlies and Jerry while I was there. It’d be lovely to be in Germany with you.

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