i should have a germany pic at the top, not just some old picture of me. even though i’m in germany in that pic. but you can’t tell that. unless you’re some kind of grass professional and can tell the difference of grass in each country or something. i don’t have any good pics with me and the architecture in germany. cause i’m always the one behind the camera. hm. whatever. i might just leave it as it is. and the white background? eh, i don’t mind it so much. i don’t wanna make it too fancy. otherwise my blog looks more like a myspace. and that’s lame.

i think i’ve eaten like 8 chocolate kinder eggs. that’s disgusting.
what time is it in utah? … 7 am. and it’s sunday. i don’t think anyone’s up yet. unless they have early church meetings, or someone really wants their hair to look good for sunday school. well. nahh, 7 am, people are definitely getting up. except my family. they’re snoring.
although i catch mom on facebook at odd times. it’ll be like 3 am in the morning her time and she’s commenting on my photos. maybe mom’s up already.
it’s 3pm. josa just took a bunch of sophie’s friends to go bowling. a late birthday party for sophie. ann-kathin and christian (her boyfriend) are sitting in her room. herbert’s downstairs on the computer. marie… i bet she went with josa.
and me? i should have gone to church today. but i didn’t. instead i sat in my room and ate kinder eggs. ick.
it’s not that i don’t want to go to church. it’s just harder, especially because there aren’t any buses on sunday going through my village. josa is welcome to drive me to church. but that means she has to wake up early, drive me there and drive back. which, even though they’re welcome to do it, i know it’s a pain. so… then i don’t ask. and then i sit around here and eat chocolate.
ok. still working on blog.


  1. I could tell the grass is from germany….. haha

  2. i knew you could.

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