More puke.

“This is so embarrassing.”
“No no no, hey, don’t worry. It happens. We’re here for you.”
“Oh mein…”


“Mmm. Alcohol and French fries puke.”


“Mmmm. More alcohol and french fries puke.”
“Oh, just shut up.”
“Sorry. ”


“Ugh look what I’ve done. It’s all over the table.”
“Yeah. And all over my hands.”
“This is so embarrassing.”
“Don’t worry about it. At least we’re outside. You finish up. We’ll catch a taxi and take you home.”

I like Diskos.
Blinking lights. Smoky air. Loud techno music. Sarcastic DJs. Head-bangers. Kids in wheel chairs spinning in circles. German party songs. Loud laughs. Strangers dancing with me.
I like all of this.

You know what I don’t like?
Bottles of beer. Gulp gulp gulp. Feelin’ funny. Swear at Anne and laugh. Oh. Don’t feel good. Anne, need to go outside. Anne, I’m going to…. BARF… all over Anne. Anne, hold my hair. Anne, this is so embarrassing. Let’s go home. Whoa, feel funny. Whoa, can’t walk straight. Whoa, Anne are we almost there? Anne, can’t get up the stairs. Anne, gonna throw up again. Anne, get me a bucket. Anne, can you get me a beer from the fridge? Anne, are you gonna leave me? Anne, can you sleep next to me? Anne, I won’t barf on you again.
I hate all of this.

Can’t we just go to a disko and NOT drink so much tonight?


  1. I love you.

  2. I am sorry. Atleast you have gotten to experience the real world for a while.

  3. Oh my Anne, that sounds horrible. How was that learning expieriance? Now you know definitely not to drink! Well, at diskos at least. 😀 I love you Anne, I miss you. Can’t wait to see you again.

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