Lissa and I study German every Monday. After school, I take the bus to Aachen and meet her in the park. She packs lunch; shrimp kebabs, American sandwiches, fruit, German cookies, and pretzel bread. We laugh about our days. We switch between German and English when talking. We listen to teen-boys play guitar and sing “Scarborough Fair” next to the fountain.

Afterwards Lissa and I walk into the giant glass bookstore (not as awesome as the SLC library, but still nice) and go to the “Language Section.” We take out every German book–slang 101, grammar to the max, dictionary 1, 2, and 3, etc.– and haul them to a desk.

Then we study.
And study.
And bang our heads on the table if we don’t know a word.
And talk about the Infinitive Perfect tense for a half hour.
And argue what the German word for booger is.

And for the rest of the week, I am extremely motivated to learn.

I have studied over 100 words last week and now I see these words EVERYWHERE. I think, how did I not notice that word before? That dude just used it 10 times in our conversation! Really. How did I not notice it before?

It’s fun to study.

In fact, it’s just fun to speak German. Speaking another language. Being fluent in another language that even your parents can’t understand. Being seventeen years old and knowing another language. So awesome!


  1. A fabulous time to learn another language. And with such a good friend. And with such good food. And in such a cool city.

  2. Remember that g’pa has all the research done for a fine Ph.D. thesis on THE BLUE ANGEL.

    No pressure there–just saying . . .

    Vienna is like HOME.

  3. Bwa! exactomungo!
    WE know a language… and we’re still in our teans. How awesome is that?
    more than awesome!

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