Mira still sings 24/7 with a poppy-teenage voice. She knows every song from Glee and can mimic Rachel’s voice exactly. Maxwell still plays imaginary games in the living room. He makes shooting and exploding noises to defend himself from the evil so and so’s. Harrison is always gone- Marching band, hanging with Josh, hanging with Bri, going to the movies. He is always busy.

Curtis and I are the same. We eat Reeses Puffs on his bed and talk til early in the morning. Ron and Shar still love me, and I still love them.

Ana and Marina stayed at my house for two weeks. We spent our days camping, hiking, celebrating, biking, and art journaling. Every day was filled with fun things to do. I enjoyed their company.

I watered my mom’s garden today. Spent over an hour looking at the flowers. Bees danced in the honey suckle. Bright blue dragon flies sat on the lavender. A grasshopper snacked next to the tree. Miss Cairo (my dog) and I lay next to the lavender bushes. It was my first time being alone since I got back. Just Cairo and me. A nice and quiet afternoon.


  1. You’re alive! I’m ready to come home and see all those people I love do the things they love to do. Wet kisses all around.

  2. So nice that everything’s the same and that you also had some time alone. And for me, it’s lovely to “read” your voice. Bis bald.

  3. Andrea S

    Anne, you are so lovely. I love reading you.

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