Salt Lake City’s FREE concerts are officially my new favorite thing.
My friend Josh and I drove to Pioneer Park to see MATISYAHU perform. Matisyahu is a jewish reggae musician from New York. Find his music, if you haven’t heard of him. Watch him live. He is amazing. My fav’s are “Darkness into Light” and “One Day” from his new album Light. Also “King Without a Crown” in the album Youth.

The weed and smoky air reminded me of German diskos. Flashback. Anna swinging her hips. Fabio jumping up and down. Leon and I dancing in Himmerich. Screams, loud voices, cigarettes. The more I inhaled the air, the more I thought in German instead of English.
“Er ist echt geil!” I shouted at Josh over the crowd.
“Geil! Er ist… Oh… Nevermind!”

Very satisfied with the cheap Friday night outing at Pioneer park. Thanks Matisyahu.


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  2. I went out and got some of his music. It is gooood. Thanks for the post.

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