– Boredom hit me in the face last Sunday in Sacrament Meeting, so I opened up Genesis to entertain me. Those first three chapters are awesome. I walked out of church with an urge to plant seeds, or run with my dog, or hug a tree, or SOMETHING. It made me realize how important it is to take care of the Earth, the animals, and all living things. I thought about my Grandma’s dying plant in my room and ran home to water it.

– After reading the first three chapters of the Bible in church, I’ve been on this crazy reading kick. Bible stories have never been so fascinating to me than now. Adam and Eve are cool. Noah also. But Abraham? There’s some great stuff about him in there! Jacob? He’s got crazy stories! Lots of scripture highlighting, underlining, questions written on the sides. It’s fun.

– I got a haircut. It’s darker, a little shorter, side bangs. My mom says it looks sophisticated, Sister Kelsey says it looks like summer. I like it.

– Micky and I are together! Official. The Facebook relationship status has changed. No more “it’s complicated”-talk. He’s my bf. I’m his gf. Bada bing, bada boom. I can’t stop smiling.

– Jordan and I hung out. Jordan is one of my CBYX exchange student friends and lives in Utah. I picked him up at his house. After 5 seconds of talking to him, I realized he still had the German accent. “No fair! My accent is already gone!”
We sat at an Einstein Bagels and talked for hours. We compared our Germany experiences together and talked about our dear CBYX friends. He told me his plans for High School and college. I asked him to help me make a plan. After, we went to the mall and looked around with a Mrs. Field’s cookie in our hands.

– Lucas (CBYX friend) called me when I was in the movie theater. I didn’t recognize the number when it rang, but the area code was different and I was almost sure it was a Texas area code. I walked out and sat on a bench to call back. “ANNE!” he answered.
“Anne, I gotta talk to you!”
I sat on the bench for the next 40 minutes and listened to Lucas’ stories. I laughed through the whole thing.

– Nida (CBYX friend) chats with me almost every day on Facebook, even if I’m not at my computer. I love checking my Facebook and reading the latest update about Nida. She is smart. She has a funny and unique perspective of the world. Reading her voice makes me happy.

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  1. Hi Anne! How are you there? I’m Romy of Canada. If you don’t, can I be your fried?


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