Three hours of English.
Two hours of math.
Hour of newspaper.

Every day, I read a chapter of my literature book and take notes. Half hour.
Then I read the short story after the chapter and write a short essay. Half hour.
Then Hamlet. Half hour.
Then Crime and Punishment. Half hour.
Then studying for tests/quizzes, and filling out packets. Hour.

Math math math
Math math math math. Two hours.

Write articles, edit articles. Hour.

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  1. Anonymous

    When you finish your homework you should consider reading some of the studies that demonstrate that homework is not well correlated to test performance and actually can be harmful.
    The two factors that do correlate consistently with higher test performance (for the sake of a measurable outcome) are family dinners, and regular exercise – both of which are often sacrificed for homework.
    Just saying…


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