Fall stayed only for a short time before the air sprinkled white crystals on our roofs. There wasn’t enough time to admire the leaves’ radiant reds and oranges on the mountains. Pity. I’ve always loved the fall. More than winter. Fall never made me anxious about anything. No slipping cars, Santas falling on the sidewalk, or furious shivers. Fall only brought delicious smells and cozy sweaters.

Megan and I celebrated the last bits of fall by doing a couple of things:
-Attending our last high school football games. Screaming our friends’ names and dancing when the band played.
-Porch chats. Talking about anything and everything because we can.
-Eating donuts with orange sprinkles. Megan took the two of us out for donuts the day Miss D announced me as the editor-in-chief of the school’s newspaper.
-Halloween party. Shopping together at Harmon’s, buying pizza, and showing up late to our own party.
-Making interpretive dance moves in the car while listening to Fleetwood Mac.

I love Megan. She is the most loving person I know. She makes me excited about the future and opportunities in my life. I am always happy when I am with her. Megan makes me want to be the best I can be. I am grateful for her influence in my life.

I have many other things to talk about. Like ranting about my math teacher. Or how excited I am to be editor-in-chief! But I’d rather ask you about book recommendations. I need a book to read over the weekend. Something uplifting… or factual. I’ve been reading Hamlet, The Road, and Crime and Punishment for the past two weeks. Definitely need a break. Any recommendations?

Happy Fall!

Anne Louise


  1. You could mosey on down the hall and grab one from me.

  2. CS Lewis. What a great guy… anything by him will brighten your day.

  3. Anonymous

    Do you want to escape into lightheartedness and laughter, or to someone else’s challenges? Do you want thought provoking or soothing?
    My greatest requirement for what I consider a “good book” is a wonderful story… It is what history books they use in school always miss. The stories are there but they are lost in the what, when, and where. I always find the who and the why so much more interesting.


  4. How ’bout The Help, or The Boy who Captured the Wind…

  5. Anonymous

    Or you could read… CITY OF BONES!!! 🙂

  6. Dance moves in the car. I’d like to see that. Everyone you know read THE HUNGER GAMES last week and were enthralled. I also liked THE HELP a lot.

    At church on Sunday, I learned that Quentin Cannon is the editor in chief of his school newspaper. Wowzer dowzer.

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