Ms. D decided to give us a life this week and lay off the homework.
So I’ve watched two documentaries,
been an extreme Facebook addict,
eaten my Advent chocolates up to the 20th,
taken a shower,
watched three episodes of Glee,
talked to Lara and Ann-Kathrin from Germany,
and… That’s all I can think of.


Students complain about homework, being too busy, and having too many chores. But when they have time to do what they want, they do nothing but complain about their boredom. This week I thought, “Great! I can send off the Germany photos to CBYXers, or work on my art journal, or read Harry Potter, or call Jordan, or watch movie recommendations, or book recommendations, or be with the family.” It didn’t happen. Instead I was sitting in front of a computer. bored.

But I loved talking to Ann-Kathrin and Lara.
and watching documentaries.
National Geographic- Stress: Portrait of a Killer. Although during the first five minutes, a man with a deep voice says “Stress leads to death.” Dun dun dun. I could feel my heart beating fast. Oh my gosh, I’m going to die. Stress kills people. Am I dying? Another thing to worry about when I fall asleep at night.
But really. I loved it.
Imagine: John Lennon. 🙂

I feel weird.


  1. We’re all dying, but not today. Come over and I’ll make you hot chocolate and give you a chill pill. You need some serious attention.

  2. College life rocks, there is time for everything, and those who feel otherwise don’t know what is coming to them in a few years… I lived in Germany myself for years, mostly Stuttgart and Krefeld, loved it…

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