BECAUSE… Mister whoosie whatsit is the biggest buttface I’ve ever met. Because I got a 2 out of 60 on the last assignment (LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE) he is disappointed in me! “What happened, Anne?” he asks. And I’m thinking, really Mister Butt Face? Can you not see that every person (except for the four who stole the answer sheet) failed this assignment? Could it be, Mister Butt Face, that you didn’t explain the assignment to us? Oh, of course not, it wouldn’t be YOUR fault, never. Of course, go ahead. Make us redo the 8-page packet for the THIRD time without telling us how to do it. Waste. of. time.

BECAUSE… This kid ripped off the political pin off my bag. This happened during sophomore year and I even wrote a blog about it then. Erg, it makes me so upset. Why? Why would it be funny to just rip off a part of someone’s backpack? Earlier that day, he asked me what my political view was on something or another. It wasn’t a long conversation, just small talk. Then later, “Oh here I’ll just come over and rip off one of your pins because I think your stupid and your opinion sucks.” Dur dur durr. Jeez, did I offend you this morning? How old are you?

BECAUSE… I have senioritis and High School makes me angry.


  1. Anonymous

    Boy, do I understand days like those.
    Hard to be a duck and let everything roll off your back – and frankly, I expect even ducks get sick of it sometimes.

  2. 🙂 Katy I miss you!

  3. Anonymous

    I miss you too.

  4. Anonymous

    friends seem so great.

  5. friends seem so great.

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