Mom was sick for two weeks in December-sicker than we’ve ever seen her. She’s grumpy when she’s sick. Really grumpy. Then Mira was sick for the next week and a half. It was the same illness as Mom’s: weak, high fever, and a croaky voice. She was also a grump. On a regular day, Mira never yells or scowls for more than a minute. I thought her only two emotions were extremely happy and extremely sad. Apparently not. “Mom, stop talking to me like I’m three!” she yells.
“Mom, nooooo!”
“Ugh, what is wrong with you.”
“Everybody BEEE QUIEEEET!”

Now Harrison is sick. Weak. High fever. Croaky voice.
“Half of the family has been sick this season,” I said last night at the dinner table.
“Yeah and you’re next!” Max said with an evil grin, pointing his finger at me. I stuck my tongue out.
“Oh wait,” he began again, “You’re already sick. Don’t you need drugs?”
“Very funny.”
“I know,” he smiled.

Today, Mom and I walked in the house after picking up donuts. Mira ran up to greet us.
“Where’s Max?” Mom asked.
“He’s in the bathroom! Barfing!”
“Ugggggggghh,” a voice came from the bathroom. “I’m not barfing, just attempting.”
“Yeah, he’s sick,” Mira said.

I remembered Max’s finger pointing at me the night before. You’re next! He moaned again. “Uhhhh.”

I hid my smile.


  1. Faith, not fear. I like it, but it’s difficult. When are you getting sick?

  2. Hello,

    It is quite unsettling to have so many sick members in the family. But you have made light of the grim situation by incorporating subtle humor in your post.

    Best wishes,

  3. Interesante…

  4. I hop you will be fine quickly.

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