Before facebook ate my soul, blogging was my best friend.
I started annsiepants when I was fourteen,
When I didn’t care what anyone thought,
Who read my blog,
Or how my writing was.

In 2008,
I admitted on my blog that I was on Accutane because
I was zit face.
And that it dried up my skin
And made my nose bleed.
And because of it,
I stuck tampons in my nose during Girls Camp.

In 2009,
I confessed my crush on “gym boy,”
My beliefs in politics,
Or embarrassing high school moments.

I used to tell stories.

But Mr. Blog-o-sphere scares me now.
I realize that people read this.
And that scares me.

So I distance myself from this blog.

And curl up in this white chair
And read other blogs in silence
And doodle in my journal.
And check facebook.

But I miss the honest annsiepants
And writing for the sake of writing.
And I hate facebook.

so here I try again.


  1. Welcome back, annie pants.

  2. YAY!!!!

  3. welcome back

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