Last weekend Bruna, Sandra, and I wanted to see what a Utah disko was like. There are two clubs in Salt Lake and Provo called Studio 600. It is meant for ages 15-18 and alcohol is not allowed. Sweet, right? It’d be like a German disko, only this time I wouldn’t get thrown up on.

…Not. It was horrible.

I’ve never seen so many people grind with each other at once. And all night long! Didn’t they know any other dance moves? Couldn’t they just goof off a little? There was so much pressure to be sexy in the room that no one could pull a Napoleon Dynamite without feeling totally out of place. I would have felt better getting wasted at a German disko than dancing with those guys. Seriously, it was disgusting.

Even Bruna and Sandra felt sick. “That was just weird,” they said when we left.

I don’t know why we stayed until the very end… Maybe we thought a nice group of kids would walk in. Maybe we didn’t want to be the party poopers. But we really should have left. It was not worth the ten dollars.


  1. Are you saying the dancing is more raunchy than it is in Germany? Only ohne alcohol?

  2. Next time, just crash a BYU stake dance at the Wilk. They are my favorite. You think I’m joking, but I’m not! Its just EVERYONE pulling a Napoleon Dynamite. And no grinding. Hallelujah. *cough* Another reason to come to BYU *cough*. 🙂

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