Curtis had a thrilling Valentines Day. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but my Valentines Day was enjoyable. No chocolates (except the ones Mom gave Mira and me), no flowers (except the daisy I drew myself in 3rd period), no little love notes, BUT pretty entertaining moments.

In second period, my friend Tony… Friend? More like… “the kid who sits next to me in French class.” He knows my love life and best friends, and I know his love life and best friends. He recognizes the name ‘Micky’ or ‘Charlie’ or ‘crazy dude from Germany.’ He asks about Bruna and Megan, even though he doesn’t know them. We compete in the conjugation relay races, crack jokes, and sometimes go into deep conversations about our families and our different religions—LDS and Islam—BUT, it’s debatable if we’d say hi to each other in the halls… Or ever do anything outside of french class. Any way. Tony entertained me.
While Miss Lafa wrote French adjectives on the board, Tony whispered,
“You know, you told me you had no friends and all… so I thought you were kind of a loser, you know?”
I hid my smile and acted concerned. “…Uh huh…”
“But… then the other day someone brought you up in a different class and all these guys were like ‘damn, she’s hot’ and I was like ‘huh.’”
“So I was like ‘oh yeah man, she’s way hot,’ just to be cool, y’know? So now I’m like… I sit next to her in French. What do you think? Should I make a move?”
My smile broke through and I burst into laughter. He laughs and punches my arm.

In fourth period—film studies—we watched Edward Scissorhands. I paid more attention to the boys—Ethan, my sweethearts date, and his friend—sitting behind me. They were talking about me. I couldn’t get any full sentence, but they talked briefly about the dance, the fact that I’d never seen Dr. Horrible, and one sentence in which Ethan said “the girl sitting in front of us” instead of “Anne.” OoooOooo! Top secret stuff! …Nah, there wasn’t any secretive, juicy information. But they were talking about me in low voices cause they surely didn’t want me to hear (… or because we were watching a movie and didn’t want to disrupt the class). So I pretended to be watching the movie but really listening in! Sneaky me (Cough. I bet you anything Ethan knew I was listening.)

After school, I entertained myself by going through the “romance” films on Netflix, but there was nothing good on instant play. I replayed scenes of “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” because it is filmed in Salt Lake City. I love that I know the streets they walk on. Plus it helps me daydream about my own future romance (snort) in Salt Lake City.

Yup. Enjoyable.

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  1. Wow, I miss this kind of high school intrigue.

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