Sometimes I read Ask Mormon Girl to see what people are asking about the LDS church. When I read this , I nearly peed my pants.

“Congratulations on discovering one of the world’s great secrets: many Mormons are truly amazing kissers. And this I know not only by experience but by reports from non-LDS friends who have dated Mormons. “Amazing!” they report. Why? For Mormons, kissing is not just some forlorn waystation on the way to a glorious destination. Oh, no. For most unmarried Mormon folks, kissing is the destination! It’s not Beaver, UT or Barstow, CA; it’s Viva Las Vegas!” -AMG


Happy Valentines Day. Muah!

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  1. Anonymous

    Your post was compelling enough that I clicked the link and read the whole answer.

    Happy Valentines Day to you too, Mormon Girl 🙂


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