I’ve been thinking about you all day.

Heute war ein schlechter Tag. A really bad day.

It started out good. I made myself breakfast and lunch this morning and I was proud of myself.

But when Megan came to pick me up, she was crying. She had hurt her arm again the night before. It’s the second time this has happened this year. Her shoulder pops and her arm hurts like no other. She’s the captain of the golf team. She already missed the last couple weeks of basketball season because of her arm. There was no way she’d miss golf too.

Oma, it made me so sad. It made me sad the rest of the day. I just thought about Megan and how much passion she has and how hurting her arm could be so troubling. Und wie sie geweint hat… Das war wirklich traurig.

So I thought about that all day.

Then we had an assembly during 6th period. We had to sit with our 6th period class (because we’re apparently so bad during assemblies). Then I realized that I have NO friends in 6th period. I’ve been in that class all year and have no friends.

So I thought about how lame I am.

Then 7th period came along and we took a practice AP test in Ms. D’s class and she was in a grumpy mood which instantly affects my mood because I know I still have another 2 hours with her which makes 2 hours in der hölle.

But I’ve been thinking about you throughout my day. When I was in Germany I hated school. I hated not knowing if the girls were going to be my best friend that day or just give me the finger. There were days where I felt on top of the world, and days where I felt lame. But the thing was, I knew I could always look forward to seeing your face after school and eating gulasch, schnippelbohnen, and bratkartofeln with you. I knew you’d be there to tell stories and to listen.

So I’m missing you today. I wish you were there after school. Instead I went straight up to my room and began homework. No sauerkraut. No ice cream bars in the freezer.

Ich hoffe du weißt dass ich viel an dich denke. Wir haben so viel geredet, aber auch als wir beide nichts zu erzählen hatten, bist du immer da geblieben. Du hast ein paar Monate her mit mir am Telefon gesprochen und danach hab ich einfach geweint. Ich hoffe du ließt das nicht, sonst wirst du denken dass ich ein Cry Baby bin oder so. Du hast so viel für mich gemacht. Ich kann dich nicht genug danken für die Zeit die du mit mir verbracht hast.


  1. Anonymous

    Hallo Anne,
    Oma denkt auch oft an dich, sie fragt oft hast du was von Anne gehört? Wie geht es Anne? Was macht die Schule bei Anne? Hat Anne eine Uni?
    Alles was wir von dir wissen weiß auch Oma.
    Sie ist sehr stolz auf ihr Amerikanisches Enkelkind. Anne Oma liebt dich und vermisst dich.

  2. This is lovely, Anne.

  3. Anne you are wonderful. So shoen.

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