Max’s birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated it today. He looks older. He has glasses now, which makes him look extra smart, if that’s possible for Max. He was beyond grateful for his presents and smiled big and said thank you in his sweet Max voice.

I’ve loved being a part of his life. I’ve loved watching him crawl as a toddler and wear his lion costume and make roaring sounds. I love how he loved to cuddle. He’d give me kisses when I held him. He is no longer that fat, chubby baby that roars and kisses me on the cheek. He reads and draws and writes a novel and conquers board games. He creates worlds. He eats and spills on his shirt, but doesn’t mind; he is too busy thinking. He thinks about girls, although he doesn’t admit it. He dances with me when I turn the music on.

Happy eleven, dear Maxwell.


My neighbor friend, Wesley, is on a mission. He is serving in Ghana. Wes is one of the most loving people I know. He sees the good in everyone. He is passionate and happy and knows how to have a good time. I wish I could watch him be a missionary. He is full of positive energy and spirituality and FUN.

He forwarded his contacts email update today. It was the first time since he left that I’d heard from him. He told stories and shared his testimony. I felt that warm peace flow inside of me. That peace I am so familiar with, but still surprised when I feel it. I shed a few tears and thought about wonderful Wes. It makes me smile to think of Wes in Ghana. Ohh, I wish I could see him.


I miss him. I miss him more than anything. I’ve always hated writing about Micky on my blog or even talking about him in public, because he is too sacred to me and I don’t like him to be taken lightly. Plus talking about him makes me extremely emotional (as I sit here with a tissue box wiping wet mascara off my face (goodness, it’s only been 4 sentences)). He was there during the hardest points in my life. We fought and disagreed about things—and created more drama in our German lives than necessary—but we got through it and grew closer because of it. I don’t know. I don’t want to go into it right now (I know, I always say that), but he’s the only person I’ve ever been that close to. Forgetting about him feels impossible. And I don’t want to forget about him. He is my best friend.


  1. I always loved Max’s growling.

    I would like to see your best friend again.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t forget about him. The two of you have touched each other in truly unique ways. Something in each of you seems to speak to the other. Plus you have won his whole family over. Please don’t forget about him. We certainly haven’t forgotten about you. 🙂

    Love – Katy

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