My middle school crush asked me to prom. I had a big, whoppin’ crush on him from the time I was 12 until 15. He’s Mister Cutie. Brown hair, freckles, big eyes. He was always shorter than me, but I never cared. (..Pffff! That’s a lie. When we hugged, I would bend my knees just a tid bit and always lean on one foot). He could pick me up and twirl me around in theater or swing dance with me at stake dances. I went to Civil Air Patrol with him where military dudes yell at you and make you march and do pushups. But I came along because I liked him and that was all that mattered. I was thoroughly wooed (thoroughly wooed? Pff.) and told my best friend Emily I would marry him.

Speaking of marriage I AM GETTING… just kidding.
Speaking of marriage, my friend Lucas is getting married. married! MARRIED! He is the first one of my friends to be engaged, which means he has beaten all of my Mormon friends… Very excited to tease him about that, since he teased me all throughout Germany about being Mormon and marrying young. Ha! But anyway, when I saw his Facebook post, I called about 10 of the foreign exchange students freaking out. Still haven’t called him, though. Haha. Congratulations, Lucas!

We watched What Lies Beneath in Film Studies this week. It’s the movie Grandma showed me when I was ten years old. We were on a vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada and Grandma’s brilliant idea was to watch What Lies Beneath with me. I couldn’t go pee by myself for the next month. I made Harrison come into the bathroom with me. He had to stand in the corner holding his ears and closing his eyes so he couldn’t see (or hear!) me go to the bathroom. Watching the horror movie with Grandma was traumatizing, but one of my favorite memories. Anyway, we watched it in Film Studies. Everyone–even the boys–screamed during the bathroom scenes. The kid sitting behind me was almost in tears. “I hate this movie! I hate it!” he kept crying.

I’m going to the U next year. I think. Well. I’m 99% sure. Yeah.

Micky was here all of last week! Sooo much fun. We sat at Cafés downtown and talked for a long time. We walked around the city. We admired the old architecture on Main Street and shopped at the Gateway. We went to Chik-Fil-A almost every day and bought lemonade. We celebrated his birthday with my family and told “Micky stories.” He came with my girlfriends and me to answer Sandra’s prom date. I loved seeing Micky after three months. It’s always a surprise to see his face in person and be able to give him a big bear hug.

I talked to my mom for a long long time today. I think that’s one of my all time favorite things. Talking with my mom.