Dear Ms. D,

I hate Heart of Darkness, I hate hearing about Heart of Darkness, and I hate AP students who love Heart of Darkness. I hate it that I sit down at lunch every day and all the AP girls are talking about it. When I’m eating. I also hate it that I join in on the conversation. I hate it that even when it’s not Ms. D-day, everyone’s talking about English class.

I don’t want to read the rest of it tonight, I don’t want to fill out the bloody study guide, and I don’t want to think about English class tomorrow.

I admit that I didn’t go to school on Friday because I didn’t want to read it Thursday night, and I didn’t want to go to school unprepared. So today I have two bloody sections to read, cause I procrastinated. It’s 8pm and I am going to be up all night doing this stupid packet and reading this book and… it’s eating my soul! With an exclamation point!

I’m sick of reading all this depressive stuff. Yes, I loved Crime and Punishment, The Road, The Stranger, and Hamlet—but isn’t it going a little too far when you stick Heart of freaking Darkness in when poor students are finally seeing the light through the Utah inversion? Think about the children! Think about your poor teacher aide, English student, and newspaper editor. Think about me!

Oh, and happy birthday.



  1. I love the Road, the Stranger, and Hamlet.
    I hate Heart of Darkness.

  2. 🙂
    I love Loira.

  3. Heart of Darkness sucks. Just, terrible. As in, should be burned.

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