6 dirty socks
Mira’s sparkly head band, flower head back, and white bow.
A note from Sandra
Three crayola markers
Another flower head band
School GPA certificate
A Starbucks gift certificate
Salt Lake City’s public transportation pamphlet
“Meet your top ten SBO candidates” pamphlet
Letter from Ana
Letter to Lara that I haven’t sent yet
A lacy blue bra… still in the Wet Seal bag with receipt
A pink pamphlet labeled “Ingrown Toenail Problems”
Two German posters
A “Schokomilch Riegel” wrapper
A joker card
Oma’s pen
A Peter Pan VCR
A mini Apple Jacks cereal box
10 tissues with black mascara marks
5 tissues with boogers
A piece of paper that says “Harry Potter jumping off the Titanic”
A “Web Design/Development” packet
A small piece of paper that says “I read the ‘pamphlet’ to Micky last night. Hahahaha. All is well!”
A piece of paper titled “Declaration of Love” and states “I, Tony M, approve of the loving relationship between Anne and Charlie. This relationship was: short notice, spontaneous, and of a long time coming. Now let there be love. [and, in small print] “All love documents must be diminished with a deactivation love document. If love ends sooner than one month a fee with be present.”
A small card written in ink ink “Splendor in the Grass” and in handwriting says, “To my Lovely Darling Anne”