i want to write. but my mind is everywhere and i can’t write about one subject long enough to get to another. so tomorrow I will probably have something written about at least one of these things:

1. What my current testimony of the LDS church would be if it were on a scale of 1-10. (if i feel like mormoniscing again–tomorrow is a Sunday, so there’s a good chance.)
2. The disappointment of my U.S. government class and my teacher’s lack of open-mindedness.
3. Thinking about going on a mission.
4. I got the “Most likely to travel the world” award at the Senior dinner dance and I wasn’t even there to get it.
5. My ideal week
6. The adventures of driving a stick shift
7. How annoyed I am that we DON’T RECYCLE at my work.
8. I have Seminary graduation tomorrow and I do NOT want to go just to get my two year certificate. It’s not a Congratulations! certificate, it’s a Nice try, Sister, but not good Enough certificate. Someone’s gonna make a stupid joke about Anne not finishing Seminary and I’m just gonna sit there smiling. Then I’ll want to throw a rock at someone. P.S. I even told God about this while I was praying. I told him I really really didn’t want to go because I might as well stick a big L on my forehead. Then I asked him if I didn’t make it into Heaven, please please please don’t give me a Nice try, Sister, But Not Good Enough certificate. I really don’t want to go.
9. Conversations with Thirty.
10. The massive zit on my forehead.


  1. Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and it is nice, so I want to invite you to follow my blog, and if you follow me, I will follow yours…


  2. Anonymous

    Here’s another thought to spin your brain… you are saving so much money NOT going to Davis, why don’t you go to Germany with Micky on some of that money you are saving?
    Sorry. I’m a natural troublemaker.

  3. Hahaha, indeed you are, Katy. 😉 If I had the money, that’d be my very very first choice. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money now to even buy a a ticket. Blahhh me!

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