I have a job. It’s nothing big or special… I work in the mailroom at a medical retrieval building. I open envelopes and sort through medical records and stick colored paper in between patient names. I run to the copy machine if a medical record doesn’t have an address on the cover page, drop an envelope to the X-ray guy, Travis, if it has an X-ray inside, and so on.

Yeah… It’s a strange job. But my day is filled with fun little things. For instance, people who work in the mailroom use rubber fingers or wax to sort through papers so their fingers don’t weaken. I have a little container of wax next to my desk so that I can stick my fingers in after every envelope.

And medical records smell funny! Mostly they just smell like a stuffy doctor’s office or hospital room, but sometimes you’ll get one that smells like tobacco. Why does a medical record smell like tobacco? Or the other day the medical records smelled like lavender. Like someone had sprayed perfume on the medical records. Who does that?

Even though the most entertaining things about my day is the smell of medical records and sticking my fingers in wax, I really like my job. I like it that I’m moving around with my hands and able to walk around the room. I like seeing that at the beginning of the day there are boxes of envelopes towering over us and at the end of the day there are only two boxes left. I like it that everyone in the mailroom jokes around with each other and that we’re able to listen to music.

Another plus is that two of my co-workers speak German. One went on his mission to Germany and one majored German in college. Brandon, the returned missionary, was there the same time I was. He knew the same missionaries that I went to church with and always ran into in Aachen. We speak German and share memories from our experiences. Kurt (who majored in German) and I speak German as well. His German is outstanding for never going to Germany.

But work has kicked me in the butt. Every day after school from 5-10pm and full time on Saturdays.

College Update:

I have chosen to go to the University of Utah. I am not jumping on my toes like I was for UC Davis, but I think overall it’s going to be the better option for me. I want to be able to take part in study abroad programs or have the extra money to take after school classes and what not. If I went to UC Davis I would be scrambling for every penny just to live there and pay for tuition. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to have the same opportunities as I would at the U of U because of how expensive the out-of-state college tuition is. It still makes me to sad to see the emails from California come in, but this is my choice. Plus, there’s always the option to transfer later if I wanted.

I miss Hawaii. It’s been too long. Time for Aoki’s shave ice, jumping off the Waimea rock, snorkeling with Mom and swimming with sea turtles, climbing for coconuts, and scraping my legs on coral. Hawaii is magical.Monterey is also on my mind. I miss Micky. I hate not being there when he’s in a grouchy mood or when he’s bored on a Friday night and I hate it that he’s not here when I’m feeling alone. I hate that my best friend lives so far away, that work and school and summer plans interfere, and that even after six months I’m still crazy about him. I just want to squeeze him and never let go. Hahaha. But seriously.

School is almost over.


  1. Anonymous

    Just remember that the UC system is set up for junior transfers as it is the feeder for the california community college system.
    Never say never.
    I totally get your choice. Ask Micky about the house that I almost bought… it was spectacular and for sale for a really good price – but the really good price was just more than I could afford. I would have spent every month struggling to pay my mortgage, and so would not have enjoyed how spectacular the house was. We all still sigh a little when we pass the house, but we all love the house we have – a lot because it is not so spectacular, but ever so comfortable.

  2. You will LOVE the U!
    I know I did.
    Responsible decisions are never as fun to make as expensive, dreamy ones. But, you rarely regret them.

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