Superhero dance 2009 – Will and Me

Will and I went out for our last monthly lunch before he leaves for West Point.

“So we could either go to In-N-Out, or some other place,” Will said when I got in the car.
“You don’t feel like In-N-Out,” I said.
“No, not really. Which is weird.”
“Then let’s go somewhere else.”
“Do you like Rumbi’s?”
“I’ve never been. Let’s go.”

I bombarded him with questions about the military academy.

“What will you have to do every day? Do you have your own dorm room? What classes do you have? Will you be able to go to church on Sunday? What’s the first thing you do when you get there? Do you have a limited amount of stuff you can bring?”

He answered all of my questions in a mumble.

“Do you want to go?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. I’m excited. I’m not myself today… I even woke up early this morning. That never happens.”

“Well, why do you want to go? I know we’ve talked about this before. But I still don’t get it.”

“Many political reasons.”

His answer took me back to sophomore year when we were dating. I’m going to be president of the United States! he’d always say, when I’m forty years old!

“You want to be president!” I said. “You’re not kidding!” I was smiling so big, like I just beat him at Sudoku or something. “You want to be president.”

Will grinned. That big ol’ grin.

“You do! Ahh, Will this is so awesome.”

After lunch he drove me home. I asked him more questions. He answered.

“I’m gonna lose my humor.”

“Noo, Will, you can’t lose your humor. After all, if you’re gonna be president you gotta have that humor and charm.”

“I’m gonna miss spouting out John Lennon quotes whenever I feel like it. And my Chuck Taylor’s. And my dog. And sleeping in.”

I smiled. “It’ll be great.”
“I know. It will be.”

We hugged goodbye. I wished him good luck and said I’d write him. And off he went!

Goodbye, my good friend. Thanks for the good memories. Thanks for being my sweet High School boyfriend. Thanks for driving me around in your red truck. Thanks for showing me Jaws and Indiana Jones and playing Dance Dance Revolution. Thanks for starting the Pokemon club with Maxwell and having club meetings weekly. Thanks for sending me the In-N-Out t-shirt and hat for Christmas in Germany. Thanks for still being my friend after the hard break up. Thanks for going on monthly lunches with me. Thanks for the laughs. Thank you.


  1. Will can’t lose his sense of humor. That’s just not possible!

  2. That comment was Louise’s not Tom’s

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