It’s my last night with Bruna and we are sitting on the bed with our own laptops doing our own things.

Do I care? Not one bit.

This is my all time favorite kind of friendship. When you can just sit with each other. You can do crazy things, you can have long days of walking around the city, and you can sit on the bed and chill. We’ve had a year full of football games and parties and dances and city walks. It feels good to sit here.

Today I woke up and yelled at myself. I slept until 11:00 a.m., which meant I had two hours until I had to leave for work. My work hours are really hard. If I want to have any summer life, I need to wake up at 7.

There were medical records that smelled like fish today. I kept getting woozy as I sorted through the papers. Seriously! Fish! I looked on the package to see where they came from. Florida. He he.

I also got to ride the red dragon today with my co-worker, Thirty. The red dragon is our awesome red and yellow mail truck. And as cool as it is to ride the red dragon, Thirty is the funniest thirty year old man I’ve ever met and being with him is a riot. I wish I could tell you stories about him, but if I did, I don’t think you’d understand that he is a loving person, and not a complete A-hole. He is really straightforward, which I love. Those are my favorite kind of people. Extremely loving, but will tell you exactly what they think, good or bad.

Those were the highlights of my day at work. Fish-smelling medical records and riding the red dragon. ☺

We’re listening to Britney Spears’ Lucky. Time to jam out. Bye bye.