i’ve been working from 1:30pm to 2:00am every night this week.
i’m crazy. i need money. i want to do all of these things and i have to quit soon because lara is coming. i’m trying to get as much money as possible before she comes. i have tuition to pay. i’m not thinking enough about different payment options. i’m just being crazy. i want to go to our timeshare in hawaii this winter. or ask chris and scarlett if i can nanny in new york next summer. or visit marina in france. or bruna in brazil. or farah in pakistan. or ben and vijayah in india. my host family, greg and chantel, rosa, and sandra in GERMANY. i want to go go go go! see see see! i need money.
and staying up until 2 in the morning every day is going to get me there! ….snort.
once lara leaves, i’ll look for a better job.
and perhaps i’ll work on the UofU newspaper for fun.
i’ll be better about scholarships next time around.
and… everything else that pertains to my future and money.
cause this sucks.

okay, it’s not that bad. i’m just grumpy today because i got home at 4 last night from work and now i have to go back in a half hour. and i haven’t worked out since the power pump class last tuesday and my body hasn’t had enough time to recover. my arms feel like they’re gonna break off any second.

i’ve been working out with mom every day. it’s mucho fun. i’m getting stronger. such a good feeling.
i’m not anxious. haven’t been for a while now. yeeeeeees.

i’m excited for lara to come. sooo excited to show one of my german friends my life. utah is gorgeous in the summer.

i’m taking German this fall. I love German classes. And the people who are attracted to the German language. I know that sounds weird, but SERIOUSLY. There is a TYPE of people that take German. they’re all a bunch of weirdos.

15 minutes to get ready. tschuss!

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  1. Anonymous

    More delirious posts please. This was a day maker.

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