In my friend Bracken’s mission farewell talk, he expressed his love and admiration for his father. He told the congregation how glad he was to have such a good example. He said his father taught him to provide and protect for his family.

As much as I hate to admit that I need protection or that I need any man to provide for me, I loved what Bracken said and I love that he finds that important. I have never heard Bracken say a mean thing about anyone. He is full of love and acceptance and because of that, he is going to be a wonderful missionary.

I’ve been thinking about going on a mission for a couple of months now. I still have a couple of years to decide, but lately it’s been in my mind a lot as I say goodbye to friends going on their mission. But I have a hard time grasping the whole idea of a mission.

Cause to me, all “missionary work” is, is acceptance and love. It’s not knocking on doors or asking neighbors for non-Mormons’ numbers, or counting how many people you’ve dunked. It’s about laughing with people, listening, trying to understand their lifestyle, loving them for who they are, serving. I know it’s not a number game with all missionaries, and I’m definitely not trying to mock every young man who has ever gone on a mission. But in my life I’ve heard a a handful of young men and women, women from the relief society, and other men talk about converting as if it were a game to see how many people they could convert in the church. How many they could “get.” That’s not what missionary work is. It’s love love love and nothing more.

Anywho. This is not really where I was trying to go with this post, but sure. I started off with protection and providence and ended up here. We’ll go with it. I’m proud of Bracken for being such an awesome guy. I’m excited for my friend Taylor in Argentina to come home from his mission. And my cousin Tarl in Ukraine. And Wes in Ghana. Love hearing the stories.

Good Night.


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