Yesterday there were medical records that had a smiley face stamped on every. single. page. Stamp stamp stamp, smiley smiley smiley. I can’t tell if I like the fishy medical records better or not. My favorite was when a big package of records smelled like lavender. Mmm! Lavender-smelling medical records. But seriously. Who puts a smiley face on every single medical record? I’m sure that not every medical record deserves to have a smiley face. “Colonoscopy.” “Prostate cancer.” “tuberculosis” “Hernia.”

I also learned that the medical term NKA means “No Known Allergies.” When sorting through medical records I noticed that a lot of people had allergies to “NKA.” I wondered if I was allergic myself. I looked it up when I got home. Ha! Silly medical records. Tricking me.

Hmmm… Maybe the smiley faces are code for something… Hmmm.

Anyway. I did not waste my day. Bruna and I woke up at 8 to run errands until I left for work. We went to the post office, bought gifts for Bruna’s parents at JC Penney, shopped around American Eagle, looked for fuzzy socks… American stuff.

After work, I drove to Bruna’s to say goodbye. We hugged in front of her house.
“Don’t cry,” she said.
“Okay.” Sniff.
“Don’t cry. I’ll talk to you this weekend. We’ll talk every week. I’ll see you in… a year.”
“Okay.” Sniff.

It went too fast.

It’s noon. Bruna is sitting in the airport waiting for her flight. She has said goodbye to her host family, friends. She’ll soon embrace her family and dance with her friends and eat Brazilian food and go on her next adventure.

A year from today, I was in my room in Germany vacuuming the wooden floors, cleaning the dust off my desk, and weighing my suitcases. It was my last day at school. My friends had given me a photo album, and silly presents full of memories. I said goodbye to my English teacher, Herr Fröhlich. He hugged me and left because he started to cry. I walked downstairs and said goodbye to Oma and Opa. Oma held back tears.

In the morning I would say goodbye to Josa and Herbert and Ann-Kathrin and Sophie and Marie.

I hate time.

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