A girl at work said to me, “I love your hair! It’s, like, sexy beach hair.”
Sigh. What a great compliment.
But I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short short short. Like, Emma Watson short. Like, Audrey Hepburn short. I want to do it sooo badly. But will it make my face look fat? Will my hair just… flatten, or will it be a monstrous mess? Does short hair look good with scarves or just slim, low cut dresses? Can only celebrities pull it off? Can I pull it off? Am I gonna look in the mirror and start bawling when Roddy cuts it next week? Should I just get a trim?
I’ve had this curly hair since I was 14. (It was straight before I started menstruating, if you wanted to know.) It’s time for something different.
Goodbye sexy beach hair? No? Eeeee, I don’t know, I’m scared!


  1. Thats funny! I put the same picture on my blog! I want to cut my hair super super short! I THINK YOU SHOULD DO IT!!! You would look beautiful!

  2. Short hair is fun. Have you ever done Locks for Love? It’s a program where you can donate I think at least 10 inches of your hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Depending on how long your hair is now, you could try that and see how you like it short and cut it even shorter from there…

  3. Haha, Kelly I just saw that. We both should have the guts. You would look sooo pretty with a boy cut. You could pull it off.
    That’s a really good idea, Jenna. Thank you thank you.

  4. Just let me take pictures of you before you chop it…after that I think you should go for it! When are you scheduled with Roddy? Email me and let me know if you still want to do next Saturday or if you’re getting it chopped before then.

  5. augh.

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