This is the only picture I took for the fourth of July.

My camera is still broken and my little camera has gone missing in the depths of the basement. Have I told you how much I hate my camera being broken? Well. I hate it. Cause even though Dad has better lenses and more expensive equipment than me, he never takes pictures. And though I like the way he takes pictures, it’s not my way. So poop. I’ve got to fix my camera soon.

Anyway, the family and I woke up in the morning to head across the church and eat ward breakfast. The priests were in charge. They did a great job with the food and setting up. Yummy pancakes and sausage. But the marching band music was a downer. It’s pleasant background music as a floatee goes by, but after two hours at a 4th of July breakfast I wanted to throw the stereo into the harbor and start my own revolution. Mom said she’d volunteer to make the 4th of July playlist next year. Be ready for some Katy Perry.

We talked to our neighbors for a long time. Loved it. I forget how much I love block parties and ward breakfasts and simply being with people in the neighborhood. I’ve missed the karaoke nights at Greg and Chantel’s and going to mutual with the young men and women. It’s so much fun being in a tight community.

I slept for the rest of the day until we left for aunt Pam’s at 2. The sibs and Josh swam in the pool, Dad wrote a paper (short story?) on the computer, Mom watched an ant for a long time, and I… Well, I guess I was watching all of them.

Pam told us stories about my uncle and aunt Chris and Scarlett in New York. Scarlett just had twins. Can you imagine? Twins in New York City? Family members have taken turns flying out to help. I can’t stop thinking about them. Ohhh I hope they’re okay.

Then fireworks! Boom boom boom across the valley.

Happy 4th.

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  1. Happy Independence Day, Anne.

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