Ana is back for the summer. Could I be any happier? One of the four! One of my best best best friends! Yay! Exclamation!

We spent the afternoon at Chik Fil A, talking for hours about our year—the hard things, the good things, the disappointments, the adventures, friends, family, church, etc. etc. The waitresses kept coming around with mints. We had a total of eight mints.

Then we drove to Loira’s (Loira!) and chatted for hours about England and Spain and Germany and Mexico and our lives and our futures and BOYS and college, etc. etc. It was dark when we left. We group hugged and held tight and laughed and promised to see each other soon.

Then Ana and I drove to Josh’s house to say hello to the family. Laughs and laughs and jokes and stories. Ohhh, I love it.

My mouth hurts from smiling.