Mira decided this was a great moment to video record.

A couple weeks ago, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played at Pioneer Park. Harrison had been sitting around all week so I tried for almost a half hour to get him to come with. I gave up when it was five minutes before I had to pick up the girls. Right when Lara and I opened the front door, Harrison walked down the stairs and said, “My back hurts because of you jumping on it. I can’t sleep anymore. Might as well come with you.”

But now we’re in San Diego and Harrison still has no motivation to do anything. When we drove to the Grand Canyon, he said “Why are we driving all the way down there? This is stupid.” And when he drove to Las Vegas he said, “I hate Vegas. Let’s just drive straight to San Diego.” And now, he says, “I won’t be happy until I go to the music store in LA.”

He’s being a bum. And frankly I don’t care, because when Harrison is in a whiny mood, I get to tease him like no other. I get to play the “annoying big sister” role. I’ll tickle him, sing him a song, jump on his back, act stupid. Harrison’s whiny mood is just as enjoyable as sucking on a Hershey’s kiss.


  1. Whining runs in the family.

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  3. “Can we start a different tradition on another day?” haha 🙂 Love that.

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