Let’s talk about Moab.

We went to the Power Dam to see the waterfall, which we do every time we go to Moab, but we’re always with my uncle Jeff and aunt Stacey. This time it was just Mom and me guiding us through the canyon.

We were not informed that the canyon forks. And we did not notice.

We walked over ten miles in one hundred degree weather to find the damn waterfall. And we did not find it.

We hiked five miles until Mom and I decided that we probably missed the waterfall and should hike back down the river. By this time we were out of water and had five more miles to go until we’d reach the parking lot. Twenty minutes before we were back at the parking lot, we came across a local Moabite who asked if we were looking for the waterfall.
“You just barely passed it,” she said. “The fork is right here. You go up this canyon instead of the one you’re on.”
My mom told her that we walked all the way up the canyon until we hit private property, and that we’re out of water, etc.
“Oh shit, you’re out of water? Take this, take this.” She took out her water bottle and filled up my Camelback. I gave it to Ann-Kathrin.
“You’re almost there,” she said. “You’ve got fifteen minutes until you’re back at the parking lot.”
We didn’t want to go back to see the waterfall. We were done. Ann-Kathrin was about to pull out a gun and shoot us. It was her second day with the family and we had already walked 8 miles in 100 degree weather. At parts Mira would burst into tears and say, “This is the worst day ever!” And Mom thought she was going crazy since we never found the waterfall.

At one point, Lara, Maxwell and I were speed walking on our way back. Right when Lara and I were feeling dizzy, the river met with the trail. There was a natural water slide flowing into a deep pool of water. Mom, Ann-Kathrin, and Mira caught up. Our clothes were off in a second. All of us slid down the waterslide into cool water. It was beautiful.

We never saw the waterfall. We got in the car and guzzled water for the next hour. Max and Mira were back to normal after we drank water and ate lunch, but Mom and the girls had to sit in silence. We were exhausted. But after lunch, we went back to the beginning of the hike to swim in the small pools and natural slides. There was also a waterfall, but not the one we were looking for. If we hadn’t been so determined to find the waterfall on the hike, we could have spent all day at the pools. So. Much. Fun.

The thing about that day is that even though we walked so long, it was beautiful. The red rocks, the plants, natural slides, the river, everything was beautiful. We were exhausted at the end, but were able to do something magnificent.


  1. very nice post

  2. Well, this ends well, but I kept thinking as I read: they could have died!

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