Even though my blog is a wreck, I’m not going to sit here in silence until it’s pretty. So. Let’s talk California.

Thursday, August 4th

After sightseeing in Hollywood and walking with the stars (Pfff. Hollywood…), Lara and I stayed at Sara’s house. Sara? Sara! My dear friend from Germany. Sara had her friend/part-time host sister, Lena at her house as well. We had a Germanfest, speaking Denglish throughout the night. We listened to Sara’s drama stories with friends, boyfriends, and boyfriend’s girlfriends. We talked about the exchange students and retold the best and worst stories from our exchange. We explained our future plans to fly back to Germany. When everyone was tired and ready for bed, I still sat up waiting for Sara to tell me more stories. I couldn’t stop grinning when Sara rolled her eyes after a story and said, “Yeah. That’s my life,” or for her eyes to get big when about to fill us in on a secret. Sara doesn’t have to say more than three words for us to have her full attention.

The next day Lena and Sara took Lara and me to the train station to ride back to San Diego.

“How many times have we been at a train station together?” I said to Sara, “Probably too many to count.”
We stood in line to buy our tickets. “How many times have we legally ridden a train together?” Sara said back.
When we sat down to wait, Lara said, “Oh! Our bags are still in the trunk!” I looked at my watch. Ten minutes.
“How many times have we had to run to the train station?” I smiled.

After we got our bags from the trunk, hustled back to the train station, and sat on the chairs near the tracks, the train made its way to the station. The tracks rattled and the two other people at the station stood up. I was grinning. I looked at Sara. She was grinning too.

“This is weird,” I said.
“It’s Germany all over again,” she said back. Except we’re no longer in Jülich or Düren, or any other place that has umlauts in the name.

We all hugged goodbye. Lara and I stepped onto the train and waved.

“Love you!” I shouted.
“Love you!” Sara waved.

And off we went.