Last Friday: Lara left and I packed.

Saturday: Moved out and moved in.

Sunday: Bryant dragged me to his friend’s mission homecoming. I met people from the U and got to know some people in the area. At nighttime, Bryant took me to Gamenight. He and his friends have Gamenight every Sunday evening. They give an opening prayer and spiritual thought to give it more of a Sunday activity feel (hehehe). We played Mafia and “Honey I love you” (one of my favorites). There were about twenty people there and all from the U. So much fun!

Monday: First day of school! It was a long day and I didn’t get home until five. I had my German class and found two people from Gamenight were in that class.

“No way, Russell! Griffin! You guys speak German?”

“Anne? You speak German?”

“No way!”

“No way!”

That’s pretty much how the conversation went. We talked after class in German about our experiences in Germany. Russell went on his mission to Germany. Griffin spent the whole summer in Germany learning German 1010 and German 2010 through one of the U’s language programs. After school, Bryant dragged me to another activity. It was Family Home Evening with the Singles Ward (another church thing). We drove to a park in a different neighborhood where there was a giant and steep hill. The leaders put a huge slip and slide on the hill. It was covered in soapy water. Freaking awesome! There I met two other friends of Bryant’s that speak German. I spoke German with one guy, Alex, for a long time. He is majoring in German. I was awed by his accent. He’s been back to Germany since his mission and has studied for a while now.

“I didn’t know I had so many friends that spoke German…” Bryant said. Bryant can speak Russian. I envy him.

After Family Home Evening, Bryant asked if I wanted to break into a church and shoot people with Nerf guns. How could I say no to an invitation like that? An hour later, about twenty of us (and my nine year old cousin, Olliver) were in the old church—it was three stories high and had wooden furniture, royal red carpets, and fancy lights. We had over ten nerf guns, and even (gasp!) the Nerf-N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35! We all grabbed guns and bolted behind furniture and columns and french doors. Shoot shoot shoot! Die! Die! Many of Bryant’s friends are theater geeks, so there was a lot of emotion as people fell to the ground. Spongey, orange bullets lay across all of the church floors. After our vicious battle, we turned off all of the church lights and played murder in the dark. Ollie held my hand the whole time. We pretended to be Ninjas… At least I pretended. We pulled ourselves up the stairs with our hands, slid on our bellies across the stage, held our breaths as others walked by. Bryant, the murderer, finally surprised us on the first floor. Ollie was captured. I darted up the stairs screaming, but I only had socks on and the carpet was slippery. He caught me.

Tuesday: Dad and cousin Annika’s birthday! I shopped around the city to find something for the two. At nighttime, I drove home too see the family and grandparents. Much fun. Plus, Grandma and Mom helped me with my two writing assignments. Phewf.

Wednesday: Dinner at Hires with the Grandparents! I love that place. We’ve been going there since I can remember. Mario and Luigi don’t work there anymore, but the plump woman with blonde-white hair still does. And the tall one with brown hair. They’ve been working there forever. Anyway, it was nice to talk with Grandma and Grandpa. It always is.

Thursday (Today.): I had no classes, so I woke up late and read the first chapter (42 pages) of my History book. Then I met up with Harrison at the trax station. We went to Gandolfo’s for lunch and walked around Gateway. I had to swallow back tears when I said goodbye. I miss seeing the little bum every day.

Bryant invited me to play games with friends tonight, but I’m dead. I’ve been having sooo much fun, but it’s time to chill for a night.

Just to balance out my oh-so-happy week, my complaints are:

–I lost my phone on Wednesday. And even though no one texts or calls me (friends have all given up on trying to contact me, since I never answer), it was still stressful. I found it today, though.

–My internet doesn’t work on campus. It’s a bugger.

–It took me 30 minutes to get the whole “putting money on Ucard for printing” thing. I was at the library printer FOR.EVER on Wednesday.

–I still have 44 pages to read in my History book.

–I have to carry four giant textbooks with me and it’s still blazing hot outside. Sorry for the people who have to sit behind me in classes. They have to stare at my back sweat.

–I have to walk a lot, which isn’t really a bad thing, but it’s exhausting. It’s just soooo hot outside.

Too tired to edit any awkward sentences or misspellings. Goooooooooooodnight.

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