August 2011 & October 2010

The other part of Thursday the 4th

Lara had a list of things she wanted to do in LA: See the Hollywood sign, visit the walk of fame, find Johnny Depp’s star, and walk through downtown Hollywood. Harrison’s only, and most important request was to go to Amoeba record store. Mom’s request was to eat Mexican food at the Farmer’s Market.

I didn’t have much of a request. It was mostly important to do what Lara wanted to do and, to be honest, I didn’t really know what to do. LA has never been that appealing to me. Hollywood has always sounded wretched. I did like our LA trips… But perhaps that was for other reasons.

I was yankee doodle dandy until we got to the Farmer’s Market. Right when we stepped out of the car and walked towards the clock tower, I knew I’d have to breathe through the next couple of hours. We were trespassing through fragile memories and stomping on steps I had taken with someone else.

“Can we go to the toilet?” Lara said when we first arrived.
We walked in, went, came out, and waited for the family. Lara sat on the bench and leaned against the red wall. Memories filled my brain like water overflowing a sink. I sat there once before. Right on the edge of that bench. I sat there waiting for Micky.

Once the family was back, we walked down one of the isles toward the Mexican restaurant. There was a little shop for bags and purses on the left. I smiled. The reason I sat on that bench so long was because Micky ran to this shop to buy the bag that I pointed out earlier that day. The bag I had strapped around my shoulder. He wanted to surprise me.

Lara and I shopped for the next couple of hours. I walked and quietly moaned when we passed something that brought back feelings. Anthropologie? No, let’s not go into Anthropologie. Picture with that clock? Okay… Thirsty? Let’s fill up our waters and not get lemonade. Nope. No lemonade.

“Do you think Abercrombie will have underwear?” Lara asked. No no no.
“Umm, in Utah they were having a sale… 5 for $20.00. Or was that Aeropostle? I think it was Aeropostle.”
“Let’s look inside.” She said. Ohh please please please.

By now, I walked with a permanent scowl on my face. “Heeey, how’s it going?” The workers said in Abercrombie. I stared at the ground and grunted until Lara had gone to every floor.
“A’ight, see you guys later,” the guy at the entrance said to us when we left. I stared at him… he looked oddly familiar. There was no way I could have seen him before. Micky never introduced me to anyone here. Then I remembered one of the nights when Micky was telling me about someone at Abercrombie. I had gotten on their Facebook to see what they looked like. That wasn’t him, was it? Did I Facebook stalk that poor fellow? I laughed out loud at the thought of me running into a stranger and having already Facebook stalked him before. Creep! I am such a creep.

Finally we hopped in the car and made our way to Sara’s. But the second we got in the car, we were lost and U-turning all over the place. I looked out the window. We were driving on a very familiar street.

“That’s it.” I said. “That’s where he lives.” Mom looked to see where I pointed. She commented on the apartment and started to say something, but I was already far away, hearing only murmurs from the other side of a glass wall. I leaned my head against the seat and closed my eyes.

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  1. I realized with these postings that I’ve never seen Los Angeles (except for the Getty Museum). It looks like a lot of fun (unless you have memories).

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