This week Lara and I have been staying up past midnight and sleeping in til’ noon. Perfect. If I could give myself any vacation from work and school, it’d be just that. I love staying up past the time your brain is no longer running, and all you can really do is giggle. Everything is funnier after midnight.

My giggling started when Charlie texted me. Charlie was one of my favorite school friends. He is out of the ordinary and thrives on it. I don’t know how to explain Charlie, he’s just… Charlie. But he likes to text me at random times—even after 3 months of no talking—and catch me off guard.

Last night he wrote, “It’s a shame we didn’t have hot love drama and fall in love in High School.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I could imagine Charlie hiding a smile at home and waiting for me to react in a funny way. I hadn’t talked to Charlie in months but even still we were comfortable enough to say whatever the heck we wanted. Plus we both like to be silly.

Then I stayed up Facebooking Ana about boys, which involves a lot of giggling and squealing, even if it only deals with one of us.

One success for the night! I wrote another letter to Will. (I’m getting so good at writing letters! Yes!) It was four pages and full of everything I would have told him if we were here having our monthly In-N-Out lunch. I complained for a bit. Then I told him I was excited for college. I told him that his buzzed cut must not be too bad, because my hair stylist said short hair makes your eyes pop. I admitted to him that I kind of threw up in my mouth when one of Will’s friends said on his Facebook status that he was part of a royal army now. But I told him that I was proud of him for being so brave and lucky to be his friend.

I finally fell asleep.

Now the thing about Lara is that once she’s up, she’s up. She grabs her clothes, takes a shower, and is immediately ready for the day. I tend to lie in bed and stare at the lines on my side table for a half hour or so.

It reminds me mornings in Germany. Josa would knock on my door and yell, “Anne! aufwachen!” Wake up!

I’d grumble, “Okay…”

Then she’d yell, “Jetzt aufstehen!” Now stand up!

It’s 1:20 p.m. Lara is ready, and I am Miss Bed Head. Time to show more of America.

Have a good day, friends.

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  1. “Everything is funnier after midnight.” Now there’s a quote.

    I love your new blog look.

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