Friends in Utah, Colorado, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Washington, New York, and all of you random blog stalkers–
Please read
this article! Recognize Mark’s face and spread the word that Mark is missing. His family is desperately searching for him.

Thank you, thank you.


  1. I’ve seen Mark… all over the internet; unfortunately, that still does not count as the real thing.

  2. hai…. iam from indonesia is my name fortune….

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much Anne for posting this. We are now at the end of day 15. The volunteer effort to look for Mark has been phenomenal. His missing person poster has been broadcast in Times Square and virtually all the hospitals in the western US have been contacted, in the hopes that maybe Mark has been brought in by a friendly bystander. All we can do is continue to push, to look, to watch, to put up posters, to post on facebook and every other place we can think of…. and continue to pray and believe that he is still out there and one day soon someone will recognize him, realize who he is, and call 911.
    You have joined the cause and we so appreciate having you on our side.
    Love, Katy

  4. The guilty pleasure of spam comments asside, i can’t help but wonder how dissapearing Mark has a PR team like this.. Word has deffinately gone out.. Kind of makes you sad for all the people that we may be happy have dissapeared.

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