Hello Wonderful William. It has been too long.

Speaking of “having no idea what it was when I signed up” (from your letter), I wrote my name and information on a sheet that was passed around in my History class. It said something at the top about “Internship” and “leadership” and I thought it’d be good to get some information on it.
I completely forgot about this internship until today when I got a call.
“Hi this is, asdfjkl; with the asdfjkl; internship.”
“…Oh! Hello.”
“Yes, I was just wondering if I could ask you some questions to see if you qualify.”
I froze. I had no idea what the internship was and now I was supposed to be interviewed. Qualify?! Was it too late to hang up?
“I’m sorry, could you say that one more time?” I choked.
“Could I ask you a couple quick questions over the phone?” he said.
So he asks me why it’s good to have an internship. Why it’s good when I’m still in school, when I’m a freshman, and then… Why do I think I qualify more than anyone else for this internship?
Well. I faked the whole thing. I knew the answers he wanted, so I gave it to him—for the experience, to get as many opportunities now, ya dee ya duh.
“Great! I loved all of your answers. Could we get together tomorrow at the Union building? I’d love to interview you a bit more and give you more information about the internship.”
So tomorrow I have a meeting with this dude. I have no idea what his name is. What the internship is for. I know nothing.
You can imagine my anxiety exploding out of every pore in my body. But if I can talk so good on the phone, I’ll be able to talk tomorrow, right? …Right.

Anyway. College is good. It’s hard to find friends at the U because it’s a commuter school. But I live with my cousin who is 23yrs old and he drags me everywhere. I’m never alone, which is good. I need a distraction from my own worried thoughts. And I’m a still kind of unstable because California boy and me. But it’s insane how helpful it is to be active in the church activities. I’m in the Singles Ward now. There is always a mingling after church on Sunday. We have Family Home Evening every Monday. Service projects on Tuesday. Someone is always having a pool party. It’s fun. For our FHE today, we had a Jell-O slip N slide. Rockin’ awesome.

I miss you, Will! One of my cousin’s friends reminds me of you. And guess where he’s going to school? Stanford. You smarties.
And no, I do not know how you are surviving in one of the most conservative schools in America. I do not know how you can even hold a gun. I saw your Facebook pictures. You in the camouflage pants. Holding a gun. I look at these while remembering every single conversation we had about guns. You would cringe at just the word. And by the way, your hair looks nice short.

How is baseball? Church? Holding a gun? School?

Today we analyzed the poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” in English. My AP Lit class analyzed this last year. If I have to hear one more freaking analysis about how “The Red Wheelbarrow” symbolizes America, or that the shapes and colors symbolize this and that, and because it’s placed in a farm is portrays the sense of ya dee ya dee ya duh… I’m gonna go crazy. Williams Carlos Williams looked out the window, saw a wheelbarrow, and wrote a poem. Done. Why does every damn teacher have to analyze every damn poem like there’s some deep, underlining meaning? A Wheelbarrow is a wheelbarrow.

Sigh. I really miss our monthly lunches.

Enough about me. I love getting your updates. Please fill me in more. Are you going to be here for Thanksgiving? Please let me know. I’d love to see you. And I miss Karrie and Bill.


Slip N’ Slide – Family Home Evening

Me and cousin Bryant’s trip to Wyoming. We were timing the Lotoja bike race, which goes from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming. 203 miles in one day!

We are addicted to Boggle.


  1. I can’t believe your cousin making you a lunch. We’ve got to find him a deserving girl.

  2. That’s what I try to tell him. 🙂 He doesn’t have to worry about finding a girl, just picking the one he wants.

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