She wears a different gown to bed every night. They drape past her knees, cover her shoulders, and reveal just the insides of her collarbone. Each of her gowns are white with only a small difference—one with blue daisies, another with yellow; one with pink roses, another with red. They hang in a separate wardrobe.

She spreads her knees apart when she sits, hanging her legs on both armchairs. Her gown scrunches up to her bellybutton. She wears long white underwear.

Her hair is chopped to a pixie cut. She keeps her sideburns long. She wears round glasses that hide her blue eyes and thick eyelashes. She has a small mouth and small lips, and smiles with two rabbit teeth.

She is welcoming to visitors and always gives a hello and goodbye hug. Sometimes she wears a bra, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she only wears a towel for the visitors. Sometimes she only wears her long white underwear.

She farts in public. She never forgets to excuse herself.

She knows every card game. Her favorite is called Spite and Malice. She loves to teach others, but never lets them win. She plays your turn if you go too slow. She scolds you for making a wrong move.

She tells us her dreams about having sex with strangers. She confesses to her son’s friends that she still has sex with her husband. She admits that girls have dirty dreams too, but don’t have to change their underwear when they wake up.

She says she was not a fan of the feminist movement.

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  1. I like her whoever she is.

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