1. Hung out with Miss Cairo. I’ve been taking her to the lake so she can swim and chase the geese. We also go running at nighttime so no one yells at us for not having her on a leash. When we moved into our house six years ago, Cairo and I would run over the massive piles of dirt and jump in the concrete basements of unfinished houses. Now Cairo can barely run with me around the block before she falls far behind. She is aging and I hate it. I don’t want to lose my Egyptian queen. But it’s been nice to run with her and sleep on the couch where Miss Cairo joins me. Even if she barks in her sleep.

2. Found a job. On Sunday I announced to everyone that my goal this week was to have a job by Saturday. I walked in to a café Monday morning to ask if they were hiring. They gave me an application, I filled it out and handed it to the manager, the manager interviewed me, and boom. I got the job. I start work on Monday. Woo woo!

3. Figured out summer plans. As of now, the plan is to spend the summer with Megan and Ana in Mexico. Ana and I have been friends since we were 13 and I have yet to see her life in Mexico. Sooo. I think I should take a break from my Portuguese studying and learn Spanish.

4. Became super anxious about Germany. I haven’t had a panic attack for months now, but last weekend I couldn’t calm myself down. The Utah weather did something funky to my brain. I looked at my leather brown boots, the grey sweater, and the grey sky and my stomach thrashed inside of me. I thought of Germany and felt trapped again. I became irrational and thought that if I go back to Germany, I will be stuck in the Mädchengymnasium protecting myself from girls who made fun of me and played with my hair without asking and called me “süß” and laughed in my face and flipped me off when I said hi. If I go back to Germany, I won’t have Lissa and Sara to come to my rescue on the weekends or have Micky to call in the evenings. What will I do when the weather turns cloudy!? I think I am scared because Germany was the most difficult time in my life for so many different reasons and I felt like I had to go through it all by myself. I felt weak and hopeless. Perhaps I am scared that I will have to relive all of the challenges again and won’t be ready for them.
But! Because of the million things I love about Germany, I am of course going back. So Ann-Kathrin and I have been planning my next trip. It is a possibility that I’ll be spending another semester in Germany or if the plans to Mexico don’t work out, I can go in the summer. Luckily Josa, Herbert, and the fam are coming to visit in the Spring!
5. Got my senior pictures done! Thank you, Katie, for taking my pictures. I’ll take sexy poses for you any day, even if you laugh at me afterwards.

Be ready for Anne Louise to add more pictures of herself to the narcissistic blog-o-sphere!

6. Will see both Ana and Megan tomorrow.