Yay for best friends! Megan and I drove down to see Ana at her new place. We ended up sitting in a mall for four hours talk talk talking. I love these two. And if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you know by now that these girls are amazing and fun and hilarious. Ana couldn’t stop slamming her hands on the table when Megan and I told her that we were set on going to Mexico. Yippidee skip!

And to end the nice week off from school, the cousins spent the night carving pumpkins. Because I had to write a rhetorical analysis and memorize 12 salads, I didn’t make my own pumpkin. I helped Ollie pull out the pumpkin goo.

Seth, Jen, Tevita, Ambryn, Annika, Ollie

Oh, and Game Night was fun too… We played improv games. My favorite.

Have a nice week! I’ll post soon.