Last night was our friend Jocelyn’s 2nd annual Halloween Bash. With more than 300 people at the house, everyone was either crammed in the DJ room and the rest of the floor or flowing out the front and backyard. I invited my friend Michael to come, who—when we picked him up—came out in just a sheet. Since all of us were packed back to tummy the only dancing we could do was move our hips around and once in a while stick our hands in the air. The crowd went crazy after a couple of Brittany and Katy Perry songs (haha) and finally “Get Low” by Lil Jon. We all started moving as much as we could and singing to the song. People were being thrown up in the air and riding the crowd in and out of rooms.

“To the window…. To the walls!” We all leaned to one side to the other.
“To the window…. To the walls!”

Then, Shatter!
Scream! Scream!
Glass on the floor.
Music stops.

All of us turned to the window next to the DJ. All of the glass, except a couple shards still hanging from the top, shattered and spilled out on the porch.

“GET OUT!” Big Jeff (from Game night) screamed. “GET OUT!”

All of us sighed and slowly started moving out the front door.

We waited to see if anyone fessed up to breaking the window, or if it was just an accident and a coincidence that it broke while we sang “To the windooooooow.”
No one said anything.

Finally the Scooby Doo crew and half naked Michael drove to Russell’s house to watch a scary movie. Russell’s house is the “hang out house.” It’s where we have Game Night every Sunday and where we go to watch the U play football on TV. Around 30 of us were crammed on the floor and couches watching some freak movie with Nicole Kidman. I’d seen it before and couldn’t get into it. But I leaned on my friend Daysha’s legs the rest of the time and made my own sarcastic commentary of the movie.

I was ready to leave the minute we started. My butt was numb. And the dude sitting next to me was playing footsies with me (on purpose!) under the blanket and kept caressing my arm. Idiot. I only said two things to him: “Hi, What’s your name?” and “Cool, I’m Anne, nice to meet you.” It must’ve been my aunt’s hot red boots that I was wearing, and the neon orange leg warmers. That’ll set anybody off.

After the movie the five of us drove to Dee’s—the tacky diner opened 24/7. Again, it was packed with people dressed up in costumes. Everyone smiled and nodded as the Scooby Doo crew came in. We were immediately accepted at Dee’s.

Ta-da! There was my night. What are you doing for Halloween? Party, party? Trick-or-Treating?

Have a great Halloween!

Michael and me

Anne, Michael, Jen. Chilling outside the house (after the window broke)

The wonderful Dee’s.


  1. We used to get hamburgers at Dee’s every Wednesday night, because that’s when Mother was in Primary (four to five in the afternoon). I think the hamburgers cost 15 cents a piece then. There was very little meat in them.

    I have thoughts on some of these pics that I cannot express in public.

  2. Hahaha, I already have a couple of guesses. You’ll have to tell me over email.

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