Salt Lake was blazing hot from the beginning of the summer until Tuesday. Yesterday I woke up with numb fingers and goosebumps on my legs. It rained on campus and the wind tackled the brown leaves to the sidewalks. It is 12:00 p.m. and I see wet gobs of white pouring through the air. The snow won’t stick today. But the winter is coming fast.

I’m a little grouchy about my fall, though. Utah’s weather is known for being dramatic and bipolar, but now that I am again surrounded in massive trees and brick houses, I had a high expectation from fall. When I was younger, I loved the fall in Salt Lake—in Sugarhouse. We were close to the Wasatch Mountains and drove up the canyons every year to see the explosion of sunsets in the trees. The vines on brick houses turned to a deep red. But the trees on campus do not turn into magic. They brown and plop to the ground. I haven’t driven up the canyon. I’m afraid it might be too late.

Here is a picture of my grandparents at Silver Lake. I envy them.

Last night’s rain storm reminded me of Mom in Sugarhouse. Whenever there was a rainstorm, Mom darted outside—in bare feet—toward the flowing gutters. She’d yell at us to join her as she threw her arms in the air and yelled at the sky. She’d run up and down the blocks wooooooo!-ing and yeeeeeesss!-ing and thank youuuu!-ing the sky. Harrison and I threw our arms in the air and yelled at the sky just like Mom. She was our wild queen.

This year I plan to make happy winter memories. Lots of sledding. Perhaps I’ll learn to ski. It’s a crime to have lived in Utah and never skied. Maybe I’ll start snowboarding again. Or I’ll have a winter romance. We’ll go on those carriage rides around Temple Square and see the lights… Maybe I’ll go to a another symphony with my CBYX friend, Jordan. Maybe I’ll make hazel nut hot chocolate.

Here are some pictures of the ending summer and the beginning of Fall. I hope all of you have a beautiful October.

Ann-Kathrin, Mom, Me, and Megan shopping at Gateway

Die schöne Ann-Kathrin

Ambryn and Jen dressing up (in my clothes) for their family party

What I missed about Salt Lake

CBYX Jordan and I out to dinner

Bryant and me at our Singles Ward for Family Home Evening

Our masterpiece


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