To add on to the last post…
7. I got to see Greg, Chantel, Ethan, Cora, and Everett. They were here from Germany for a couple days and boy did it feel good to see them. The kids have grown up so much and they’re speaking German! Greg came over and gave me a huge hug. “Anne ich hab dich so vermisst!” he kept saying. Ethan and Cora attacked me with bear hugs. Ethan looked at my hair and said “What have you done to yourself!?” I held Cora and told her to stop growing. I just wanted to squeeze them the whole time. Ugh. It felt so good to see them.
8. Garrett had his mission farewell last Sunday. His talk in church was amazing and also hilarious. I’m so excited for Garrett to go to Argentina. He is a strong leader and a good friend.
Janet just posted this picture on Facebook from the farewell. I apologize to those-Mikell, Katie, Zach, and Erich– who have to listen to my stories and see THAT face expression.


  1. Thats a great pic, lol! You should do some rant posts and paste a rough cut out of that face on it. Why don’t the two mormons in our town stop by my place?

  2. Anne, I’m a little offended that you cut the head off of my (extremely tall) boyfriend. *Scoffs* Hahaha. Just kidding. That face is priceless. Love this. (As always. I blame YOU for getting me into blog stalking…)

  3. Hahahaha, sorry Mikell. 😉

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