I’ve been learning the subjunctive (konjunktiv) form in German all week and I freaking hate it. I turned in an assignment just barely that I’m really not sure if I did right. So for the rest of the weekend I’ll be memorizing verbs in the subjunctive form. Jeez. I haven’t memorized German words like this in a long time. Like… since ninth grade. But as awesome as Herr Embley was, he didn’t teach me the subjunctive form. And I went a whole ten months in Germany without using it. So I guess it doesn’t matter that much.


I need to go over my sandwiches again for work.

Next week will be much better and more productive. Every day this week I’ve slept through my alarm clock, forgotten something for class, or completely lost something.

Last night I dreamt that Josa and Hiltrud came to visit in America and they brought all of this German cheese with them. I was so excited about the cheese that I start eating it right away. But the more I chewed, the bigger the cheese in my mouth grew. Finally it kept growing and growing until all of it was sticking to the top of my mouth. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and started pulling out all of the cheese, which made a huge stringy mess on my chin. But the cheese was still growing and I started to choke. I panicked and pulled the cheese out faster, but it wouldn’t stop. I choked and fell over.

And then I woke up.

Mmm, yummy!

Guess what? I saw Loira at work yesterday. She was on a date. With a very handsome boy. Tall. Dark hair. Nice smile. I like him, Loira. I approve.

Okay. Off to studying sandwiches.


  1. Hey sister (:
    If you want we can learn the konjuktiv together. I’m also very bad at it 😀
    So ya we can learn together german (:

  2. Grandpa taught me the subjunctive when I was dating him. I’m sure he would teach you two as well.

  3. You rock.

  4. Ann-Kathrin, sounds like a plan 🙂 Subjunctive study party at Grandma Lindsay’s today!

    Yes, I probably need to come over and study with Grandpa It doesn’t feel like it’s super hard, but memorizing another form of the dang verbs sounds miserable.

    Youuu. Rockkkk. Megan, let’s skype this week.

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